Monday, October 1, 2007

First Quarter of the Season

Only one word can describe the play of the Curley Wolves- DOMINATION! This team has been on fire through the first quarter of the season. They have run roughshod over the other teams of the FFFL's Juggernaut Division. When asked who was to be credited with the wins, Owner Jeremy Franklin said "Management. Good drafting, solid line-up decisions, and frequent cruising of the waiver-wire have made the difference. Oh yeah, and the players."
A pleasant surprise has been the recent play of WR # 2 Jerricho Cotchery. Disappointing is the only way to describe RB Willie Parker's play. Even though he has racked up over a hundred yards in 3 out of 4 games, he's only scored 1 touchdown this season and his point total stands at 60. That's good for 4th place among running backs on the Curley Wolves. It is a must that his play pick up for the Curley Wolves to continue their winning ways.
Franklin's team will have their hands full in the next 4 weeks as most of their playmakers are on byes- QB Carson Palmer in week 5, starting RBs Joseph Addai and Willie Parker in week 6, WR1 Donald Driver in week 7, and RB Edgerrin James in week 8. Two of those four games will be against divisional leaders Rich Chemistry (4-1, Immortal Division) and Ruskies (4-1, Legendary Division).
The Curley Wolves will have to be lucky to come through the next quarter with a 2-2 record. But luck does seem to be on their side as they have scored a league-high 725 points and have held their opponents to 664 points. The only other FFFL team outscoring their opponents is the Rich Chemistry, who currently have a two-point advantage in these categories (656-654).

Franklin's Fantasy Teams

Associated Press- It's now being reported nationally that Mr. Jeremy Franklin's fantasy football teams have a combined record of 15-3. The four franchises include the Rebels (3-1) of the FGB 2007, the Rebel Wild (3-1) of the UFL 2007, the Colts (4-1) of the 32 team NFLFFL, and the Curley Wolves (5-0) of Fox's Fantasy Football League.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007


Avid fantasy football player Jeremy Franklin, who owns & manages the Curley Wolves, has taken a huge leap this year by investing in 3 other teams. Mr. Franklin also owns the Rebels of the Yahoo league FGB 2007, the Rebel Wild of the Yahoo league UFL 2007, and the fantasy version of the Indianapolis Colts in the 32 team league NFLFFL. Of course everyone knows that the Curley Wolves won both of their games this weekend, but many may not realize that Mr. Franklin's other teams all won their games as well. That brings his fantasy football win total to a whopping 5 wins in just the first week of play! Things are really starting to look up for this owner/general manager. We're proud to announce him as GM of the Week. Look out fantasy football world, I think Mr. Franklin wants to "own" you.

Perfect Start

It looks like the Curley Wolves are in the driver's seat in the Juggernaut division after taking a commanding lead over their divisional opponents. This "perfect start" follows up on their "perfect" draft. The Wolves were able to win both games in the Fox's Fantasy Football League's double-header match-ups on Sunday. In their first home game of the season the Wolves put a 50 point beat-down on the Agate Types, winning 174 to 124. In the 2nd game of this week, on the road at Las Cruces, the Wolves won convincingly over the Powder Puffs 169-141. This game was closer than the score suggests though & the Curley Wolves are glad for the victory. Many of the Powder Puffs players had a down week and the Wolves are thankful they won't have to meet them again later in the season. Don't be surprised if you see these two teams matched up in the playoffs at some time.
Paving the way for the 2 victories, 7 of the Curley Wolves 9 starters scored in double digits. Team owner Jeremy Franklin is somewhat disappointed that starting running back Willie Parker did not score a touchdown, however, he points to veteran flex player Edgerrin James as the "spark" that brought home the win late Monday night. Franklin had this to say- "We are all so pleased that after four years of franchising the "Edge," he was available to us in this year's draft. It was unfortunate that we had to trade him last season when he was terrible, but we are thankful to have him back home now where he belongs. We look forward to him bringing us many more 19 point games this season." Not to be outdone by the wiley veteran, 2nd year man Joseph Addai put up 25 points and franchise quarterback Carson Palmer added 41 points against a tough Ravens defense. Team MVP honors go to the defense, where in a near shut-out Pittsburgh squashed Cleveland's offense holding them to only 7 points. Their 36 points were icing on the cake for the Curley Wolves. Let this be a notice to all those in the FFFL- the Wolves are on the prowl!

Sunday, July 29, 2007

The Perfect Draft?

Highly sought after by some, yet taken for granted by others, the perfect draft is something every fantasy football owner would love to have. This year's version of Fox's Fantasy Football League's "Perfect Draft" comes in the form of the Curley Wolves' 2007 roster.
After being in the FFFL for six years, the owner & general manager of the Curley Wolves, Jeremy Franklin finally feels like he nailed the draft. When asked about it he said, "After six years of drafting I finally nailed it!"
Here is the 2007 Curley Wolf team:
Quarterbacks: Carson Palmer, Steve McNair, Byron Leftwich
Runningbacks: Willie Parker, Joseph Addai, Edgerrin James, Deangelo Williams
Wide Receivers: Donald Driver, Jerricho Cotchery, Santana Moss, D. J. Hackett, Brandon Marshall
Tight End: Todd Heap
Kicker: Jeff Wilkins
Defense: Pittsburgh
As of now, the Curley Wolves are the favorites on paper to not only win the Juggernaut Division but to win the League Championship. There are no obvious holes on their roster as they make their run to win it all, but we all know that could change pretty quickly. The games still have to be played.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

What's your vote?

As a follow up to a question on the Thunderbolts blog, I've posed the question- "Who has the WEAKEST set of keepers?" After you respond to the poll, post a comment letting us know why. I'd like to get some discussion going.

Monday, July 23, 2007

New Team Logo

The Curley Wolves announced today that their owner & general manager has created a new team logo. After countless hours and many prototypes, he finally settled on the one pictured below. When asked why there was a need for a new logo, he said "The other one looked like a dog." Well, it looks like this team's goin' to the wolves!

Fox's Fantasy Football League

Fox's Fantasy Football League
Juggernaut Division